• Improving the Sound You Love

    AccuEQ calibration technology reveals the true potential of your speakers by eliminating standing waves from your listening space. These acoustic peaks distort the audio image and prevent your loudspeakers from voicing the sound as their designers intended. AccuEQ lets you experience the whole sonic picture without changing your speaker system’s unique personality.

  • How AccuEQ Works

    First Round Measurements

    Distance & Sound Pressure Level Calibration

    First-round measurements set the distance, sound pressure level, and crossover of your speakers. Distance and level calibration ensure all channels are treated equally.

    Crossover Calibration

    Crossover measurement selects the correct point to roll off low-frequency sound to the subwoofer for seamless speaker integration.

    Second Round Measurements

    Room Acoustic Correction

    In the second round of measurements, your room’s sonic characteristics are evaluated. Using this information, AccuEQ is able to prevent standing waves from forming by adjusting frequency response.

  • Standing Waves Explained

    Standing waves occur when sound waves of the same frequency collide, creating acoustic peaks in certain areas of your room. They are a result of sound reflecting from parallel wall surfaces and the floor and ceiling. 


    Standing waves distort your perception of sound, meaning you don’t hear “the real thing.” Acoustic treatment panels can be used to absorb these peaks, but can be expensive and not practical for everyone. 


    AccuEQ does the same job without the cost or inconvenience.

  • Integra's Original Approach to Room Correction

    AccuEQ is not just about room acoustic equalization. The technology allows your speakers to perform just as they did when you fell in love with them at the showroom. 


    As a speaker manufacturer with almost 70 years' experience, our research revealed a way to eliminate standing waves while still preserving the speaker’s signature sound: Partial Band Equalization.


    The harmonic characteristics that give a singer’s voice its soul, or a piano its personality occur in the very high frequency range. AccuEQ only corrects frequency response below a certain point, leaving high-order harmonics untouched. Your speakers are free to reproduce the emotion in the recording faithfully and naturally.

  • Speaker Vs. Room Characteristics

    Speakers are generally measured and tuned in an acoustically “dead” chamber, free from unwanted echoes and standing waves. However, in the real world, every room suffers from echoes that can interact with and change the levels of certain frequencies due to the effect of standing waves.

    Speaker & Room Interaction Tuned

    The combination of speaker tuning and the acoustic properties of your room changes how your speakers should actually sound. AccuEQ eliminates standing waves so the speaker sounds as the designer intended. Higher frequencies are untouched. The speaker voices the recording’s emotion with unique personality.

  • Before Calibration

    Peaks from standing waves negatively affect sound quality.

    After Calibration

    AccuEQ adjusts frequency response to eliminate peaks and improve clarity.

  • Corrected Frequency Response

    The below chart shows the corrected frequency response (red), which now fits within specific level parameters. The result is clearer, more accurate sound.

    Customization and Memory Presets

    While AccuEQ fulfills the task of correcting your room’s acoustics so your equipment reaches its fullest potential, it’s true that everyone has different tastes when it comes to sound. We therefore include three memory presets you can use to save your own customized EQ settings, perhaps tailored to suit different content such as movies, music, or games.


    Clear the Air

    The behavior of sound will always vary from room to room, and how we enjoy it from person to person. However, everyone wants his or her equipment to work to its maximum potential. This is what AccuEQ successfully achieves: it “clears the air” so that every drop of vitality and life in the signal shines through untouched. AccuEQ—experience the difference for yourself today.